Points of Reflection:

  • How has studying Surah al-Buruj in detail impacted you this Ramadan?
    • What lessons and reminders are you carrying forward?
    • Has this overview of Surah al-Buruj comforted you, inspired you, motivated you? How so?
    • Was there anything in this series that particularly resonated with you? Why?
  • What is something new you learned in this series on Surah al-Buruj?
    • What is something you would like to know more about as a result of studying Surah al-Buruj in this series?
  • What do you think are the ultimate takeaways from Surah al-Buruj?
    • How would you explain the overarching message of Surah al-Buruj in one sentence?

Quiz Questions:

  • What two types of victory are explained in Surah al-Buruj?
    • (victory in this life, the Ultimate Victory in the Hereafter) 
  • What is the core message of Surah al-Buruj?
    • (that the Believers will be victorious and will be given the Ultimate Victory in the Hereafter)
  • Which story in Surah al-Buruj is an example of the Believers attaining the Ultimate Victory in the Hereafter, but not in this life?
    • (the story of the boy and the King)


Take a moment to reflect on this past month – where you were at the beginning of this blessed month and where you are now after this blessed month. Compile the most meaningful notes, reminders, reflections, experiences, etc., you have collected this Ramadan. Then, take some time to form, articulate, and set your intention for the year between this Ramadan and the next closing with a duaa to Allah (swt).

About In the Shade of Ramadan Triumph in Trial: Lessons from Surat Al-Buruj

This year’s In The Shade of Ramadan (ISR) web series explores the stories, lessons, and connections that are found in Surat al-Buruj, a chapter of the Qur’an that offers us much-needed reminders and reassurances during this time of heightened Islamophobia, continued global conflict, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.  

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