MAS Supports the National Student-led Encampments for Palestine and the Global BDS Movement

by | Apr 23, 2024 | PACE, Featured, News


[Washington, D.C.] – [April 23, 2024] – The Muslim American Society fully supports the student-led Gaza encampments and condemns the arrests of students, faculty and staff on college campuses as they stand on the right side of history. 

The efforts to silence pro-Palestinian voices on campuses and the force used against these students and faculty is appalling and reprehensible. We condemn colleges and universities, such as Columbia, Yale, NYU, University of Minnesota, amongst others, who call on law enforcement and riot police to carry out arrests against peaceful protesters, the suspension and disproportionate disciplinary actions against students, and the stripping away of the rights of students, including access to housing, belongings, food, and campus services.

As students across various campuses mobilize and demand their universities to recognize the genocide of Palestinians and to divest from Israel, they face unprecedented attacks against their fundamental rights to free speech, protest, and assemble.

As an organization committed to faith, justice and the full liberation of Palestine, we call on our fellow Americans to support the demands from students across the nation:

  1. Universities to disclose all investments and holdings related to the occupation, apartheid, and genocide of Palestine and Palestinians.
  2. Universities must divest their holdings from any organizations or corporations that enable and support the occupation of Palestine.
  3. Universities must sever ties and collaborations with Israeli institutions.
  4. Universities must provide amnesty for all protestors and end repression.

We commend people from all walks of life, including students of all races and faiths, who are on this path of justice for Palestine. MAS re-affirms our collective solidarity and commitment to the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice, freedom and self-determination and the end to the current genocide and violence they face. 

MAS has always stood proudly for the full liberation of Palestine and the right of return for all Palestinians, including the global efforts to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. 

Our beloved Prophet (saws) taught us: “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.” [Muslim]

Over 75 years of illegal occupation and 200 days of Israeli war crimes, genocide and gross violations of human rights resulting in the murder of over 35,000 Palestinians, including 14,778 children, the U.S. government continues to arm Israel with billions of dollars that further contributes to the slaughter and oppression of the Palestinian people. 

On April 22, 2024, mass graves were discovered in Gaza with over 300 martyrs, some with their hands tied behind their backs and some with decapitated heads (including children). The brutality of the Israeli army knows no bounds. 

Learning from South Africa’s boycott movement against apartheid, MAS emphasizes the need to support BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) as a means to pressure Israel to comply with international law, end its occupation and oppression of Palestinians, and recognize the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

We call on all governments, institutions (including universities), and individuals to support the global movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel. 

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