A Continuous Charity Supporting Our Ummah’s Higher Education

by | Apr 11, 2024 | AM Newswire

Since 2013, A Continuous Charity (ACC) has greatly impacted Young Muslim’s lives. With a track record of assisting many students, they have not only alleviated their financial burden but also saved them from accumulating a staggering millions in debt. Moreover, ACC has provided millions in educational support, ensuring countless individuals have access to quality education.

Challenges Muslim Students Face

In today’s challenging landscape, thousands of Muslim students in the US face the daunting prospect of pursuing education while grappling with the burden of riba (interest). Your support for ACC can shield these students from falling victim to a system that threatens to cripple them financially. Together, we can combat this injustice by offering them a halal, stress-free alternative. Your contribution today can help break the chains of riba.

Think of your support to ACC as a renewable source of funds dedicated to supporting Muslim students in pursuing a riba-free education. Every dollar ACC lends out is repaid and reinvested in the next student, ensuring your support continues to make a difference indefinitely. Join us in ushering this positive change with your generous gift today.

By helping ACC achieve self-sustainability, you enable A Continous Charity to concentrate all their efforts on serving even more students in need. Establishing a Waqf will ensure that such an organisation and the mission of riba-free education endure long after our time. Just as the wells of Uthman (RA) and the palm fields of Umar (RA) left a lasting legacy, your support will leave a profound impact on the cause.

Real testimonials from students attest to the transformative power of ACC.

A Contiunous Charity Ramadan Goals

Sadaqah Jariyah: ACC emphasizes the importance of giving as a form of Sadaqah Jariyah, which is ongoing or continuous charity. Contributions to ACC support this ongoing good work.

Zakat for Student Loans: While ACC does not typically accept Zakat, it does accept it for the specific purpose of forgiving student loans. For those with questions about Zakat, ACC offers live assistance from Monday to Friday, 3 PM to 5 PM CST, with access to Zakat experts.

As the month of Ramadan is almost coming to an end. ACC remains committed to facilitating charitable actions and providing assistance to those in need.

We at Muslim American Society are committed to supporting our community in every possible way.

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