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MAS Projects

MAS Projects strive to move people and nurture lifelong, God-centered agents of change and to build a vibrant American Muslim community striving for a just and virtuous society.

Mentorship Development program

The Mentorship Development Program aims to develop a solid platform of qualified Tarbiya mentors certified by experts to lead usras after completing a one-year course designed to refine the knowledge and skills they need for this role.

Tarbiya & Ilm Campers

Tarbiya & ilm Camp

Tarbiya and Ilm Camps are for college-goers and young professionals who are determined to develop spiritually and contribute to Islamic work. Participants emerge from the experience with a deeper understanding of the mission of Prophet Muhammad (s), a new love for worship, and a renewed commitment to mobilizing for the cause of Islam. These camps also provide a perfect opportunity for young volunteers to develop project/event management skills.

Project 100 Zoom Meeting


More than just an online course, Project 100 is a transformative journey that seeks to align the heart, mind, and body based on Islamic principles and foundations. Geared toward young professionals, it combines strong content delivered by expert instructors, inquisitive journaling, and creating communities of shared interests to engage in impactful projects.

Project 100 Zoom Meeting


In today’s world, it is more important than ever that our words and deeds are grounded in authentic, rich Islamic methodology. MAS Publishing aspires to inspire a new generation of Muslim readers through well-written, contextual Islamic books, audio, e-books, and discussion aids.

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