Project 100 is much more than another online class but instead it’s an experience and an opportunity to connect with other seekers, activists, community leaders, and serious students of knowledge. Learn more about the journey of transformation directly from past participants.

Obadah K.

Project 100 has gotten me more connected with the world and other people since quarantining has gotten me secluded and more cut off from the rest of the world.

Harith M.

I was looking for ways to actively engage with my Islam and learn more about this faith, and Allah answered my du’a through Project 100.

Angela J.

Project100 engages your knowledge and values for positive sustainable change in the community and integrates, articulates the spiritual and practical concepts necessary for future leadership.

Nia R.

My biggest takeaway so far from Project 100 is that each and every one of us has an obligation to take an active role in the stewardship and the direction of Islam in America.

Bilal A.

It has been an important and consistent reminder of Allah in my life. And its helping me put greater thought and emphasis on questions that bring me closer to Allah

Hussein E.

Being with like minded people, reminded me of how I used to think dream to live my life when I grow up, but unfortunately got distracted by life and it’s demands.

Almas S.

Project 100 helped provide me with an opportunity to stay positive and grow my soul despite the hardships I was facing with both my father and grandmother passing away due to coronavirus.

Salma K.

I never imagined in a million years I would find a sisterhood that would encourage me to embrace the prophetic way of life while navigating the secular world– I’m grateful to have found both a source of ilm and a space to be spiritually introspective.

Reflections from previous participants

  • Alhamdulillah, P100 has helped me make gradual changes in my habits over the duration of the program, especially with the PDP. I have been able to increase the amount of dhikr I do every day and started doing salat ad-duha regularly. Also, the Islam and Modernity track in particular changed the way I think about a lot of current issues/hot topics, and has helped me step back and look at them at a more objective angle, and allowed me to understand my own beliefs better.

  • It has helped me enhance my knowledge and understanding of Islam as well as help me further my network with other Muslims who view Islam as a priority in life. Further, along with my small group, I have developed a practical way I can continue to grow personally as a Muslim and to help other Muslims as well.

  • It’s an amazing program and vehicle for personal and community development. Transformative

  • The approach of the Seerah sessions is very insightful, simple and modern. It is bridging the prophet (PBUH) experience with our current events, issues and challenges.

  • The part I liked the most is the Islam and modernity sessions, I had so many questions that were answered in these sessions and the amount of eye openers are countless, may ALLAH reward everyone who worked on putting this together. “

  • The intensity of the program has helped stretch myself and work outside my comfort zone. Alhamdulilah i was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but i am on the path to success. I have learned a lot about myself and about the world.

  • Project 100 has reignited my passion to be an active Muslim in my community. It connected me with wonderful Muslim leaders nationwide. I learned and transformed.