Project100 is a program dedicated to providing every participant a chance to voyage on a journey of transformation. With pillars such as the thrilling tracks, inquisitive journals, personal development plans and a community of practice, we aim to inspiring individuals to reach new heights. You will notice a sense of change after this program to ignite that spiritual fire and manifest that energy into positive change in you and your community.

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What Makes Project 100 Unique?

Since the inception of this program in 2020, this program is unique in combining (1) intensity and seriousness of purpose, (2) an integrated curriculum built around core intellectual, spiritual, and practical concerns, and (3) a chance to build meaningful, personal relationships with other participants.

Main modules will be delivered lecture-style and include opportunities for questions and discussion. After the lectures, students will divide into breakout rooms for deeper reflection and personal exchange.

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Project 100 Pillars


A track is a series of sessions that focus around a certain theme to enhance the knowledge of the sailor. The topics vary from a wide spectrum to attract the different levels of the audience members. With each cohort we look to expand and diversify the different topics being presented. Some tracks are Islam and modernity, seerah of our beloved prophet, the heart of a visionary (the life of prophet Ibrahim), health & wellness and many more. All these tracks look to build an individual with a balanced and multifaceted outlook on how to approach the world today.

Reflective Journals

The journals come to seal the deal with thoughtful probing questions for you to think about. They also ask you to take some action. They are intended for you to assess your life, explain and express your relationship with Islam. The journals have played a critical component of the transformative experience. Although the journals are mostly for YOU to think about these questions, the program team will give you feedback on the journal entries as well, to help you in your journey.

Community of Practice

The concept of “Community of Practice” is a tried and true concept in many organizations and faiths in order to bring meaning, purpose, and empowerment to communities. As part of Project 100, each of individual will be participating in a Community of Practice of five to ten individuals who will bond together around a specific shared interest. This personalized group allows for a personalized touch and a creates the ability for the participant to get the most out of the group! The participant will meet with their Community of Practice every session to further enhance their transformative journey.


Dr. El-Tobgui is an expert in Islamic thought, with a focus on theology, law and jurisprudence as well as the Arabic language including classical Arabic literature and poetry.

Dr Mohamed Abutaleb is currently the dean of the Boston Islamic Seminary. He completed seminary training through the Cambridge islamic college and al-salam instituted and a masters and PhD in electrical engineering from MIT. He has been with project100 for over 1.5 years, his passion for educating young professionals and providing them the tools to approach life with knowledge.

Dr. Hamed Ghazali is an expert in Islamic education and Tarbiyah. He has a Masters in Petroleum Engineering and PhD in Education from Kansas State University. He teaches at numerous Islamic Schools and is the Director of the Houston Quran Academy.

Sr. Amina Saad is a Marriage and Family therapist and Professional Life Coach. She has a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and extensive experience working with adults and adolescents.

Dr. Wael Hamza is a Muslim writer and thinker with over 20 years of contributions to MAS and the Muslim community at large. He completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 2001.

Sr. Ismahan Abdullahi is the director of MAS Public Affairs & Civic Engagement division. Sr. Ismahan received her Masters in Human Biology from SDSU as well as her Bachelors Degree in Human Biology from UCSD.

Dr. Nadeem Siddiqi was the National Chairman of the Muslim American Society from 2012 to 2016 and has a PhD in Finance. He was the National Chairman of the Muslim American Society from 2012 to 2016.

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Project 100: Who’s who Podcasts

Why Project 100?

Br. Hossam AlJabri discusses Project 100 and why it matters for you!

Project 100 Preview

Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui, author of “Ibn Taymiyya on Reason and Revelation” and instructor in Project 100 of “Islam and the Modern Worldview”, gives us a preview.


Project 100 is much more than another online class but instead it’s an experience and an opportunity to connect with other seekers, activists, community leaders, and serious students of knowledge. Learn more about the journey of transformation directly from past participants.

Reflections from previous participants

  • Alhamdulillah, P100 has helped me make gradual changes in my habits over the duration of the program, especially with the PDP. I have been able to increase the amount of dhikr I do every day and started doing salat ad-duha regularly. Also, the Islam and Modernity track in particular changed the way I think about a lot of current issues/hot topics, and has helped me step back and look at them at a more objective angle, and allowed me to understand my own beliefs better.
  • It has helped me enhance my knowledge and understanding of Islam as well as help me further my network with other Muslims who view Islam as a priority in life. Further, along with my small group, I have developed a practical way I can continue to grow personally as a Muslim and to help other Muslims as well.
  • It's an amazing program and vehicle for personal and community development. Transformative
  • The approach of the Seerah sessions is very insightful, simple and modern. It is bridging the prophet (PBUH) experience with our current events, issues and challenges.
  • The part I liked the most is the Islam and modernity sessions, I had so many questions that were answered in these sessions and the amount of eye openers are countless, may ALLAH reward everyone who worked on putting this together. "
  • The intensity of the program has helped stretch myself and work outside my comfort zone. Alhamdulilah i was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep up, but i am on the path to success. I have learned a lot about myself and about the world.
  • Project 100 has reignited my passion to be an active Muslim in my community. It connected me with wonderful Muslim leaders nationwide. I learned and transformed.

Lend Your Support to a student of knowledge

Join the top individuals from across the country striving for a common cause.

This program, Project100 is a transformative journey that helps each participant foster a strong bond to Allah swt. The transformation we aim for looks to align the heart, mind and body to that of Islamic principles and foundations. The multidimensional approach of coupling strong content, inquisitive journals, a community of shared interest, productive projects, and life long connection is unparalleled in Islamic work today.

Currently the program is virtual, spanning over 12 sessions. Each 2 hr session looks to address pressing topics facing society today, then transitions to our community of practice (CoP). These CoPs are smaller groups that are joined together by shared interests. Over the course of the program you will develop a sense of community and companionship.