A Journey of Transformation

The Muslim American Society invites you for Project 100, a 12 session concentrated program of high-level intellectual engagement and deep spiritual exploration!

Deadline: Rolling Admissions


Program Schedule: April -June 2021 (Tentative)

Don't miss out on this exciting Ramadan special edition of P100! Stay tuned for details on exciting new speakers and interactive elements designed to help you make the most of this blessed time, and to carry the momentum forward into the rest of the year!


We meet weekly on Saturdays 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern

Financial aid is available

Project 100 Pillars



Sessions that will work the mind, and help us navigate the dimension of Islam & Modernity. Gain a firm understanding of the Islamic worldview to transform your intellectual Islamic Foundation.


Heart of a Visionary

To look through the eyes of Prophet Ibrahim. To appreciate the outlook and perspective that he had as a messenger. To be able to understand his outlook on the world and how we can apply that today.


Community of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is important in building a community, collaborating with other leaders, and loving each other for the sake of Allah; these shared interest groups will have a project to work on together.



These are critical since they focus on your own transformation and personalize the experience for you. This reflective exercise will help you grow as a person.

What Makes Project 100 Unique?

Since the inception of this program in 2020, this program is unique in combining (1) intensity and seriousness of purpose, (2) an integrated curriculum built around core intellectual, spiritual, and practical concerns, and (3) a chance to build meaningful, personal relationships with other participants.

Main modules will be delivered lecture-style and include opportunities for questions and discussion. After the lectures, students will divide into breakout rooms for deeper reflection and personal exchange.

Project 100 Preview

Dr. Sharif El-Tobgui, author of "Ibn Taymiyya on Reason and Revelation" and instructor in Project 100 of "Islam and the Modern Worldview", gives us a preview.

Is Project 100 for me?

Project 100 is an intensive program intended for serious students of knowledge and activists. You should apply if any of these resonates:

  • I am saturated with online lectures and am looking for a way to connect.
  • I have heard and appreciated the major Islamic lectures online, but I am looking for something more.
  • I am consistent in my major Islamic obligations; such as prayer, fasting, etc.
  • Islam is a top priority in my life.
  • I consider myself a young Muslim; 18-32, or "young at heart".
  • I want to do more, but I am not sure what the priorities should be.



On the other hand, this program might be intense for you, if the following applies:


  • I am not looking for an opportunity to learn how to contribute to the community or how to better apply Islam in our reality on an individual or social level.
  • I cannot commit to attending all (or most) of the program's two-hour lectures.
  • I have never studied or read the Seerah before.
  • I have not read and reflected on the Qur'an at least once.
  • I find sufficient benefit from the content found online and am not interested in doing more.


Heart of a Visionary

It's not who you are today, but who you will be tomorrow.


Let your journey of transformation begin today!