A track is a series of sessions that focus around a certain theme to enhance the knowledge of the sailor. The topics vary from a wide spectrum to attract the different levels of the audience members.  With each cohort we look to expand and diversify the different topics being presented. Some tracks are Islam and modernity, seerah of our beloved prophet, the heart of a visionary (the life of prophet Ibrahim), health & wellness and many more. All these tracks look to build an individual with a balanced and multifaceted outlook on how to approach the world today.

Gems of the Quran

Islam & Modernity

Heart of a Visionary

Health & Wellness

Leadership Track

Movement Track

Reflective Journals

The journals come to seal the deal with thoughtful probing questions for you to think about. They also ask you to take some action. They are intended for you to assess your life, explain and express your relationship with Islam. The journals have played a critical component of the transformative experience. Although the journals are mostly for YOU to think about these questions, the program team will give you feedback on the journal entries as well, to help you in your journey.

Community of Practice

The concept of “Community of Practice” is a tried and true concept in many organizations and faiths in order to bring meaning, purpose, and empowerment to communities. As part of Project 100, each of individual will be participating in a Community of Practice of five to ten individuals who will bond together around a specific shared interest. This personalized group allows for a personalized touch and a creates the ability for the participant to get the most out of the group! The participant will meet with their Community of Practice every session to further enhance their transformative journey.