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Lighthouse is a platform designed to cater to your needs as a young professional living in the US. We hope to create exciting opportunities and new ideas that will impact the greater community!

Be sure to sign up for any of our unique offerings, such as the online programs, the Lighthouse conference, or the overseas trips. By empowering you, we hope that we can illuminate a brighter future together.

Upcoming Events For Young Professionals

Events that help you grow professionally + spiritually

Lighthouse Cohorts

Online Cohorts


These online programs are knowledge-based tracks coupled with a sense of community and inclusion. Virtually network and connect with Young Professionals across the country today!

Lighthouse Conference



Our in-person conference allows us to display the exciting projects that are ongoing throughout the year. Enjoy new budding speakers, adventurous outings, and a yearly gala.

Lighthouse Trips



Tour the globe with us, as we look to unearth treasures from the past. This yearly trip is to learn and understand islamic history as it has influenced civilizations across the world.

Young Professionals Lighthouse Conference

August 16th-18th

Los Angeles, CA

Join our event at the Hilton – Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, to network with young professionals nationwide and discuss inspiring projects and initiatives. Sign up today to grow spiritually, advance your career, and give back to society with the LightHouse movement.

Lighthouse Conference

August 23rd-25th

Orlando, FL

Connect with young professionals nationwide at our event held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida. Sign up today to engage in meaningful discussions, foster spiritual and career growth, and contribute to society with the LightHouse movement.

Lighthouse Conference

Online Learning Experiences


Project 100

This innovative program for young professionals is geared toward aligning the heart, mind, and body based on Islamic principles. The multidimensional approach of combining strong content across various tracks delivered by expert instructors, inquisitive journaling, and creating communities of shared interests to engage in impactful projects is unparalleled in Islamic work today.

Project 100
Lighthouse Young Professional


Lighthouse Tracks

The next step after Project100, the courses offers multiple standalone specialized tracks for 20 young professionals at a time. These 12-week cohorts will provide complimentary tracks to P100, as well as ones that allow them to grow both professionally and spiritually.