Points of Reflection:

  • What does “Indeed Allah encompasses them from all sides” mean?
  • How do you accept knowing that Allah (swt) can grant victory in this life, regardless of the circumstances, with injustices you have witnessed personally and/or globally?
    • Does knowing Allah (swt) can grant victory in this life, as well as grant the Ultimate Victory in the Hereafter, make you feel hopeful or fearful, grateful or resentful? Why?
    • What helps you cultivate, maintain, and apply not only acceptance of, but full trust in, the Qadr of Allah (swt) throughout your life?
  • Do you think it is easy or difficult to fall into being an unrepentant wrong-doer? Why? How so?
    • How does one recognize if they have slipped into being a wrong-doer? What is the measure of knowing when something is wrong?
    • If you recognize you have slipped into wrong-doing, what are the next steps?
  • What prevents us from recognizing our wrongdoing?

How can we be cautious and guard ourselves from the traps of shaytan?

Quiz Questions:

  • What Surah is referenced in this episode that reminds us Allah (swt) is aware of what the oppressors do?
    • (Surah Ibrahim)
  • Allah (swt) promised that He would leave the unrepentant wrong-doers to the day when the eyes would stare out in horror. What day does this refer to?
    • (the Day of Judgment)
  • What are the two ways in which Allah (swt) handles the unrepentant wrong-doers that are discussed in this episode?
    • (leaving them in their wrong-doing for a greater punishment on the Day of Judgment, admonishing them in this life and making an example out of them before their punishment in the Hereafter)
  • What will the oppressed be allowed to demand from their oppressors on the Day of Judgment?
    • (their rights)


Take a moment to think of something you have been questioning Allah (swt) about regarding His Wisdom and Justice. Reflect on the reminders from this episode, reaffirm your trust in Him, and take some time to talk with Allah (swt), handing over what has been weighing on your heart to Him.

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