Points of Reflection:

  • Reflect on the story of Musa (as) and Pharoah.
    • Why would Pharaoh say that he is afraid Musa (as) would lead the people astray? 
    • Did Pharaoh have the benefit of his people in mind when he said he would choose what was best for them?
  • Why do you think Allah (swt) gave humans the right of choice when He could have made us without choice? How does this relate to our belief, worship, behavior, actions, repentance? 
  • What ways of the tyrants does Allah (swt) warn us throughout the Qur’an? What do they do to trick and manipulate people? Why do they do this?
  • Thinking about your life and our world today, how can we ensure that we are not tricked by the institutions, figures, and tools of our time?
    • How do we know when we can trust those who say they know the best for us? 
    • What measures can we use to check whether or not someone or something is trustworthy? 
  • What are habits and characteristics that we must work on to ensure that we do not exhibit the traits of tyrants in our personal lives?
    • How do we cultivate and beautify our character to safeguard ourselves from falling into the way of the tyrants?

Quiz Questions:

  • What verse in Surah al-Buruj is highlighted in the beginning of this episode and explains that the only thing held against the people of the ditch was their belief in Allah (swt)?
    • (verse 8)
  • What right did Allah (swt) give humans that differentiates us from angels?
    • (choice)
  • In what surah does Allah (swt) expand upon the steps and progression of tyranny that Pharaoh takes against Musa (as) and the people?
    • (Surah Ghafir)
  • What does “al-mubeen” mean?
    • (the clear and manifest)


Identify something that is particularly misconstrued in the mainstream that you can help raise awareness about whether in-person, online, or both. What is the false narrative being pushed, how can you help share the truth? Make an action plan and commit to doing what you can to speak out and be a voice of truth.

About In the Shade of Ramadan Triumph in Trial: Lessons from Surat Al-Buruj

This year’s In The Shade of Ramadan (ISR) web series explores the stories, lessons, and connections that are found in Surat al-Buruj, a chapter of the Qur’an that offers us much-needed reminders and reassurances during this time of heightened Islamophobia, continued global conflict, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.  

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