MAS Youth

With your support MAS Youth will be the first comprehensive ministry project dedicated to training and empowering Muslim American youth, community organizers, and institutions across the United States through program offerings, content packages, and professional development resources.

What is A Youth Ministry?

Why is it Needed?

Young American Muslims are one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. 37% of American Muslims are under the age of 30.

  • Only 10% of youth said they felt comfortable in the Masjid
  • Only 7% of female Muslim youth feel comfortable reaching out to their Imam
  • Only 21% of male Muslim youth feel comfortable reaching out to their Imam


What Kind of Work Does it Require?

MAS Youth Serves:

Youth & Young Adults

  • Increased local Resources
  • Youth-led Service Projects
  • National Youth Training
  • National Monthly Programs
  • National Yearly Conference, Retreat & Camps
  • International Service Learning Trip


  • Partnership Building
  • Consultation Service
  • Program and Curriculum Packets
  • National Affiliation Network

Community Organizers

  • Content & Resource Providers
  • Training of Trainers Program
  • Professional Development Workshops and Videos
  • Yearly Support

Next Steps:

Invest & Hire

  • Raise initial round of funding support
  • Hire a full-time Program Manager to oversee MYM’s launch and implement programs across MAS Chapters and Muslim institutions in the U.S.


  • Develop and produce ready-to-use program and curriculum packets
  • Design and initiate comprehensive online resource platform

Connect & Serve

  • Initiate professional training and consultation services
  • Expand upon current partnerships with MAS Chapters
  • Establish masjid partnerships and serve 20 in the first year