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Fatiha – The Opening | ISR Rewind | S 12 Ep 1

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Ramadan, Featured, in the Shade of Ramadan season 12, ISR, Tarbiya | 0 comments

First aired in 2006
Episode 19 of Season 1
Speaker: Marwan Marouf

Salah is the foundation of our faith, and Surah Fatiha is the foundation of our salah. This concise but powerful first chapter of the Quran is the only surah we must recite in each salah. The Prophet (s) said when we are reciting it in salah, Allah responds to each of its verses. In this episode, Marwan Marouf shares how Surah Fatiha is the key to performing a perfect prayer.

Reflection Questions

  • What ayah of Surah Fatiha do you find the most thought-provoking?
  • Next time you pray, try pausing a little after reciting each ayah of Surah Fatiha as if you hear Allah’s response. How did it make you feel?

Watch the full original episode:

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