Over the last three decades, the Muslim American Society (MAS) has made significant strides in promoting Islamic values and empowering Muslim Americans to participate actively in society. One of the organization’s notable achievements is establishing the MAS Youth program, which has provided leadership training and community service opportunities to numerous young Muslims nationwide. Additionally, MAS has facilitated interfaith dialogue and understanding, working alongside other religious communities to foster bridges of understanding and cooperation. Along with its youth initiatives, MAS has encouraged civic engagement among Muslim Americans, urging them to partake in the political process and voice their opinions on matters that concern them. Furthermore, the organization has advocated for Muslim rights and social justice, fighting for Muslims’ rights in workplaces, schools, and public spaces.

Moving forward, MAS is committed to continuing its mission of promoting Islamic values and empowering Muslim Americans to become active and engaged members of society. The organization will continue to prioritize youth development, interfaith dialogue, and civic engagement while addressing pressing issues that impact the Muslim community, such as discrimination, Islamophobia, and social inequality. Besides its current programs and initiatives, MAS is looking to broaden its scope and impact in the years ahead. The organization is forging new partnerships and collaborations with other community groups and organizations to create a more cohesive and united Muslim-American community.

30th Anniversary Gala Celebrates MAS and Empowers the Muslim American Community

The 30th-anniversary gala highlighted the resilience of the Muslim American community and the crucial role of organizations like MAS in empowering them. Over the past 30 years, MAS has significantly impacted thousands of lives through its commitment to promoting Islamic values and empowering Muslim Americans, a legacy that will continue in the future. The event was a celebration of MAS’s accomplishments and the strength of the Muslim-American community.

The gala brought together community members, leaders, and activists to reflect on the challenges and progress made by Muslim Americans and renew their dedication to achieving justice, equality, and social change. Keynote speakers, including Yasir Qadhi, Dalia Mogahed, Richard MAC McKinney, BSW, and Dr. Ayman Hammous, shared inspiring insights on the importance of Muslim American leadership, engagement, and advocacy. The event also featured a performance by Raef, a Muslim-American singer-songwriter, showcasing the vibrant and creative culture of the community. Overall, the event was a powerful affirmation of MAS’s impact on Muslim American society and its mission to promote Islamic values, empower Muslims, and foster understanding and cooperation with other communities.

Prominent speakers headline gala event as MAS celebrates 30th anniversary

The Muslim American Society (MAS) commemorated its 30th anniversary with a spectacular gala event held in Washington, DC, on March 4th, 2023. The celebration brought together leaders, activists, and Muslim community members from across the country to discuss the progress and challenges facing Muslim Americans. Maysa Munir, the emcee, opened the event by acknowledging MAS’s accomplishments over the past three decades. MAS, a national nonprofit organization established in 1993, strives to promote Islamic values, engage Muslims in civic life, and foster interfaith understanding.

The event featured prominent keynote speakers, including Yasir Qadhi, a renowned Muslim scholar, author, and speaker who has been a leading voice on issues related to Islamic theology, history, and spirituality. Qadhi emphasized the importance of Muslim Americans understanding their faith and history to be influential leaders and agents of change in their communities. He also recognized MAS’s role in providing resources and opportunities for Muslims to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of their faith. Dalia Mogahed, a renowned Muslim American researcher and activist, spoke about the significance of Muslim Americans being active and engaged members of their communities and how MAS empowers them to do so. Mogahed also stressed the need for Muslims to advocate for other marginalized communities and collaborate with them toward a more equitable future.

Voices of Advocacy and Inspiration: Richard McKinney, Dr. Ayman Hammous, and Raef at the MAS 30th Anniversary Gala

At the event, Richard McKinney, BSW, a clinical social worker and community leader, addressed the challenges Muslim Americans face in the current political climate, emphasizing the significance of supporting and empowering each other as a community. McKinney shared his experiences working with Muslim Americans and advocating for their rights and well-being.

At the event, Dr. Ayman Hammous, a renowned Muslim American leader and activist with a long-standing commitment to social justice, stressed the significance of Muslim Americans’ active and engaged participation in the political process. He emphasized the importance of using their voices and platforms to promote positive change and progress and acknowledged MAS’s critical role in providing resources and opportunities for Muslims to participate in the political process and make their voices heard. In addition, Raef, a Muslim American singer-songwriter known for his innovative fusion of pop and Islamic music, delivered a soulful and inspiring performance that highlighted the rich diversity and creativity of Muslim American culture, delighting the audience.