Ramadan was a fleeting visitor that vanished as suddenly as it appeared, leaving us with sweet memories and mountains of reward.

Or perhaps heavy regrets. The month left us heart-broken, each for our own reasons. Some of us missed out on the great month, failing to invest in its nights and days and turn to Allah with full sincerity. Others savored every moment, growing closer to Allah and increasing their worship. In those few special days, we lived with Allah, the Generous, the Giving. 

But now, Ramadan feels so long ago. Six weeks later, we ask ourselves, how long did that special devotion last? How long did it take for the Ramadan fever to wear off? Did we carry our Ramadan resolutions forward? Or did we embrace our old habits like long-lost friends?

Whatever your conclusion to these questions, this is not the time to feel guilty. Allah and His Messenger are always giving us second chances. Heads up! 

The Islamic calendar is dotted with milestones and fill stations every day, week, month and year. We look forward to Ramadan, but do we realize there are other milestones to look forward to and prepare for?!

Our Ramadan booster shot is due in just two weeks. It is a powerful dose of spiritual immunity, for those who are paying attention and awaiting its coming. It is a blessed gift, an opportunity to clean off the sludge we’ve accumulated since Ramadan. It is also a second chance for those who felt Ramadan slip through their fingers or reverted too quickly to sin. 

The 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah are almost here. The first day of this special season is anticipated on Friday, August 2. The Day of Arafah is expected to fall on Saturday August 10. 

You don’t have to go to Makkah to unleash the potential of this spiritual reboot – in fact, we can journey to Allah from within the walls of our homes and local communities. 

Join us here on the MAS blog as we revisit the importance of the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, discuss best practices, and provide some inspiration to help you maximize the potential of these 10 great days.