American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) Talks about Palestinian Resilience to Live Free

by | May 30, 2024 | AM Newswire

Article Reference: American Muslims for Palestine

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) continually strives to raise awareness and support for Palestinians through their diverse platforms. In a recent publication on their official website, AMP shared a statement on “The Ongoing Nakba and Palestinian Resilience to Live Free,” where they honor the resilience of the Nakba, now that it has marked its 76th year.

On the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, Palestinians honor their history of resilience and recognize that the ongoing Palestinian Nakba is continuing. The conflict in Gaza is a manifestation of this ongoing Palestinian Nakba, with daily challenges faced by Palestinians across Palestine. American Muslims for Palestine recognize this situation and actively address it.

The international community faces a pivotal moment today to address the historical challenges faced by the Palestinian people. The United States is facing the same pivotal historical moment. Opinion polls indicate that “Israel’s exceptionalism” is being questioned and is seen as problematic. Some view Israel’s policies as comparable to apartheid, and there are calls to treat it as such. 

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