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Take Your Time | ISR Rewind S 12 Ep 22

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Featured, in the Shade of Ramadan season 12, ISR, Ramadan, Tarbiya

First Aired 2020
Originally from Episode 2 of Season 10
Voiceover Artist: Eman Haggag

The Companion Ibn Masood said that when reading the Quran, our goal should not be to reach the end of a surah (chapter). Over and over, Allah tells us in His book to reflect upon its verses. But many times, in our race to finish reading the Quran, we, unfortunately, neglect these valuable instructions.

In this episode, learn why taking your time when reciting the Quran is crucial to let its eternal message penetrate the depths of your mind and soul.

Reflection Questions:

  • Assess your reading of the Quran. How often do you stop to contemplate the verses you recite?
  • What factors might prevent you from taking your time with the Quran?

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