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Steps towards Paradise | ISR rewind | S 12 Ep 7

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Featured, in the Shade of Ramadan season 12, ISR, Ramadan, Tarbiya

First aired in 2010
Originally from Episode 20 of Season 4
Speaker: Imam Suhaib Webb

We naturally desire Paradise, and the steps to get there are more practical than we realize. It is essential to understand that what Allah, the All-Knowing, has made permissible for us is beneficial, and what He has made impermissible for us is harmful as He does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear (2:286). Imam Suhaib Webb shares three practical steps we can apply instantly to ensure we are taking steps toward a beautiful Jannah, insh’Allah.

Reflection Questions

  • What does your roadmap to Jannah look like?
  • Which “step to Jannah” will you commit to working on this Ramadan?

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