Subject: Concerns about Islamophobic Terrorist Attack on Mosques

Dear (insert names and titles of Mayor & Police Chief)

By now you have no doubt heard of the terrorist attack in New Zealand where two mosques were targeted. Media reports indicate multiple fatalities.

The terrorists’ social media posts indicates a strong anti Muslim bias and Islamophobia. One of the terrorists live-streamed his heinous attack in an effort to inspire others to do the same. This video has already been watched thousands of times. Because of this, we are particularly concerned.

We request the following:
1. Increased police patrol around all area mosques.
2. Particular vigilance regarding activities of white nationalist groups that might impact the Muslim community in the near future.
3. That a threat risk assessment be performed for each mosque in your jurisdiction which identifies areas of potential threat and the steps required to mitigate them.

Thank you for your time and attention.

(your name)
(your MAS chapter if applicable, and title)