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In the Shade of Ramadan is a series of videos released every year to provide spiritual upliftment and education during Ramadan.

Started in 2006, the series gives MAS speakers a platform to deliver key messages to the Muslim community. Whether you share the video and watch it through facebook, youtube, tiktok, or show the video during tarawih programs at your local MAS center or masjid, join us and thousands of viewers this Ramadan in exploring and lamenting on this 11th season’s ‘divine patterns’ theme.

Dunya and Akhira

Episode 8: Dunya and Akhira

The Dunya is our temporary abode, filled with alluring distractions and luxuries that offer short-lived comfort and satisfaction. Are we able to indulge in this worldly life while also striving for a bountiful Akhira? The answer lies within our ability to detach and refocus our priorities.

Taqwa Equations

Episode 7: Taqwa Equations

The benefits of God-consciousness are numerous, but perhaps the sweetest reward is entering into Allah’s company and experiencing the serenity that comes with it.

Blame and Hope

Episode 6: Blame and Hope

When a calamity befalls a people, to whom do we point the finger? Allah reminds us that we are the ones to blame when things go awry.

V/O: Sh. Abdullah Oduro
Sponsored by: Mercy Without Limits

Test Questions

Episode 5: Test Questions

Human curiosity leads us to question everything around us, but when it comes to being tested we must remember *everything* is a test and there are wisdoms to be extracted from every situation we find ourselves in.

In the Shade of Ramadan Thumbnails

Episode 4: Blindness and Sight

Imagine closing our eyes to sleep and waking up to nothingness...  Turning away from His Guidance causes us to go blind, living life in utter darkness. True tranquility and peace comes when we are mindful of Allah.  V/O: Eman HaggagSponsored by: Mercy Without Limits...
The Laws of Unity and Duality

Episode 3: The Laws of Unity and Duality

Every single aspect of the universe is oriented toward Allah (swt). Divine patterns of unity and duality are all around us, in the natural world and human experience, tying everything together in a dependent web, originating from One Creator. V/O: Glenn Silver...
Divine Patterns of Sustenance

Episode 2: Divine Patterns of Sustenance

The concept of Rizq, is a profound one. How much wealth will we accumulate? How many children will we have, if at all? What will the trajectory of our lives entail? Every single one of us has a preordained sustenance (rizq). We know not, while Allah (swt) is the...
Nothing in this Universe is a Coincidence

Episode 1: Nothing in This Universe is a Coincidence

Allah has created everything with a purpose. Take a look around you: notice the patterns of nature, life, the coming and going of trials. Nothing is a coincidence. Starting with this pilot episode, our 8-episode journey throughout Ramadan will explore the Divine...

This Ramadan, awaken your hearts with reminders of Allah’s Patterns and Divine Ways.

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