Points of Reflection:

  • If you aren’t familiar with either Pharoah or Thamud, revisit them. Both were examples of power in their time and society – one a powerful tyrant, the other a powerful tribe.
    • What is the lesson behind the stories of both Pharaoh and Thamud? What did Pharaoh and the people of Thamud have in common? What happened to them? 
    • Why would Allah (swt) include these examples in Surah al-Buruj historically (for the people of Mecca when this surah was revealed)?
    • Why do you think Allah (swt) would include these examples in Surah al-Buruj contextually (within the context of this Surah)?
    • What are the measures and tools of the “powerful” within our society today?
      • How are these measures and tools applied and/or utilized in an unbeneficial way? In a destructive way?
      • Can these measures and tools be applied and/or utilized in a beneficial way? How so?
    • What are the measures and tools of the Believers?
      • What are the strongest measures and tools that aid you in remaining steadfast as a Believer? How can those be reinforced and strengthened?

Quiz Questions:

  • What stories in Surah al-Buruj are highlighted in this episode?
    • (Pharaoh and Thamud)
  • What reminder is Allah (swt) giving us by including the stories of Pharaoh and Thamud in Surah al-Buruj?
    • (That while the Ultimate Victory is promised for the Believers, sometimes victory is granted by Allah in this life.)
  • What characteristic ultimately leads Pharaoh and his army to destruction by drowning in the sea, as decreed by Allah (swt)?
    • (arrogance)


Write down a sincere duaa that you would like to make during these final days of Ramadan while reflecting on the fact that Allah (swt) is the All-Powerful, All-Merciful, and All-Knowing One.

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This year’s In The Shade of Ramadan (ISR) web series explores the stories, lessons, and connections that are found in Surat al-Buruj, a chapter of the Qur’an that offers us much-needed reminders and reassurances during this time of heightened Islamophobia, continued global conflict, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.  

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