Points of Reflection:

  • In this episode, we dive deep into what happened after the story of the boy and the king and people of the ditch/trench. Were you surprised with what happened next? Why or why not?
  • How does learning more about the socio-political and historical context of the stories within the Qur’an enhance our understanding?
    • How does it help give us perspective or draw comparisons as Believers in today’s world? 
  • Reflect on what Allah (swt) is teaching us by using the history of nations throughout the Qur’an. 

Quiz Questions:

  • How many people survived the 20,000 people killed in the ditch?
    • (1)
  • What did Najashi do in response to hearing the story of the ditch?
    • (sent an army of 70,000 people to Yemen)
  • What did Abraha want to do in response to the man desecrating the church he built?
    • (destroy the Kaba)


Choose something mentioned in this episode – a name, battle, event, story – that was new to you and research it further to expand your understanding of the Qur’an in a new way.

About In the Shade of Ramadan Triumph in Trial: Lessons from Surat Al-Buruj

This year’s In The Shade of Ramadan (ISR) web series explores the stories, lessons, and connections that are found in Surat al-Buruj, a chapter of the Qur’an that offers us much-needed reminders and reassurances during this time of heightened Islamophobia, continued global conflict, and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.  

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