MAS-BIS Scholarship: Invest in Tomorrow’s Spiritual Leaders

MAS is providing scholarships to qualified potential leaders towards a Masters degree in Islamic Religious Leadership (MIRL) from Boston Islamic Seminary. These individuals will have the knowledge and hands-on training to confidently address modern issues within the American context through the lens of our timeless Islamic worldview.

Tarbiya Campers


Both Mounira and Tahira have been chosen by a MAS-BIS committee to receive scholarships that will go towards their tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year at BIS.

Both Scholarship Recipients:

  • Were chosen through a rigorous application process after being admitted to the program.
  • Have committed to serve at MAS institutions for a specified term upon graduation.
Zakat Eligible

All MAS Programs are Zakat & Sadaqah Jariyah Eligible.

MAS' programs are zakat-eligible and touch the lives of 21,000 Muslims monthly nationwide as they strive to attain a deeper connection to their Lord. Imagine -- every word of Quran or hadith, every bit of guidance they receive that leads them to become better Muslims counts as a sadaqa jariyah for you -- even after death. Because you helped bring them closer to Allah.