(Washington D.C.) | August 17th, 2021 – The Muslim American Society prays earnestly for the people of Afghanistan who have endured hardship and injustice for over 40 years. Dealing with an ongoing U.S.-led war for 20 years, corrupt governance and extreme rule of the Taliban, the great people of Afghanistan have suffered deep hardship and have been subjected to displacement and persecution on many levels. The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan over the past 20 years has created human rights abuses that are well-documented, and Afghans have seen both their people and their lands vilified.

Currently, the Taliban has overtaken the country and seized various cities, including the capitol, Kabul. With reports of Afghan refugees fleeing for their lives and safety, we call upon the international community to ease restrictions on refugee programs for Afghans and to provide humanitarian parole as necessary. We specifically urge the Biden administration to increase the refugee cap for Afghan refugees. The Afghan people deserve to live dignified lives, and we pray for their safety, security and wellbeing.

We cannot be silent and must stand in solidarity with the Afghan people. We must safeguard the human rights of Afghans and stand against the violence and persecutions they have endured for decades. Amidst the uncertain future they face now, our prayers are with Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan. We pray for a just and inclusive governance that leads to safety, security, justice and freedom for all Afghans.