About the Episode

The Dunya is our temporary abode, filled with alluring distractions and luxuries that offer short-lived comfort and satisfaction. Are we able to indulge in this worldly life while also striving for a bountiful Akhira? The answer lies within our ability to detach and refocus our priorities.

V/O: Noor Abdallah

Sponsored by: Mercy Without Limits

The Objective of this Episode

  1. It’s human nature to want it all – both the luxuries of this life and the next. The Quran tells us we can have both, within certain parameters:
  2. We must remember that our provenance comes from Allah and not people.
  3. Remember this life is temporary – don’t get too caught up and hold this world in your hand, not in your heart.
  4. Use what Allah has given you as a means to get closer to Him.

Reflection Questions

  1. What does “having it all” mean to you?
  2.  How might you utilize what Allah has given you in this world to pursue the Akhira?
  3.  Reflect on your Akhira. Would you be prepared to leave the Dunya today?