About the Episode

The benefits of God-consciousness are numerous, but perhaps the sweetest reward is entering into Allah’s company and experiencing the serenity that comes with it. 

V/O: Mostafa Taleb

Sponsored by: Mercy Without Limits

The Objective of this Episode

  1. Taqwa means to be conscious of Allah’s presence and have awareness of Him that encompasses all you do.
  2. Allah tells us that if we remain mindful of Him, He will give us a criterion [to tell right from wrong] (8:29). Thus, having taqwa serves many purposes
  3.  Taqwa gives us clarity, prosperity and purpose
  4. Taqwa gives us a way out and provision from unexpected sources

Reflection Questions

  1. What is your favorite way of being mindful of God?
  2. How can we train our minds and actions to become more God-conscious? 
  3. How are taqwa (God-consciousness) and tawakkul (reliance on God) related?