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Nurturing faith and inspiring growth

The Tarbiya and Youth Ministry produces relevant Islamic content across various platforms to address issues facing Muslim Americans, provides certifications in various fields of Islamic studies, and creates resources to empower MAS chapters nationwide.



Imparting knowledge and correct understanding

In today’s world it is more important than ever that our words and deeds are grounded in authentic, rich Islamic methodology. We aspire to inspire a new generation of Muslim readers through well-written, contextual Islamic books, audio, e-books, and discussion aids.


Boston Islamic Seminary

Combine sacred knowledge and cultural context

MAS is supporting talented Muslim Americans on their journey to becoming leaders of the next generation of Muslims in America. Help us provide scholarships to qualified individuals to receive their master's degree in Islamic Religious Leadership from the Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS).



Working towards a just and virtuous society

PACE is dedicated to advocacy, community organizing, public affairs and leadership development. PACE is committed to upholding the dignity of and empowering the Muslim American community nationwide.

MAS PACE is dedicated to lifting up the voices and visibility of Muslim Americans. 

Embrace Divine Patterns of Allah’s Mercy

RQ Trivia

RQ Trivia

Play every night at 6 pm ET/ 5 CT/ 3 PT

Become closer to the Quran this Ramadan through our 10-minute daily, live, interactive trivia quiz where contestants get to test their knowledge of the Quran juz-by-juz and win prizes.

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ISR Video Season 13

New episodes every day 

While awaiting the new season, take a moment to revisit our 30th anniversary year, stroll down memory lane with us and watch the top 30 episodes of MAS’ beloved annual web series In the Shade of Ramadan.

Zakat Eligible

All MAS Programs are Zakat & Sadaqah Jariyah Eligible.

MAS' programs are zakat-eligible and touch the lives of 21,000 Muslims monthly nationwide as they strive to attain a deeper connection to their Lord. Imagine -- every word of Quran or hadith, every bit of guidance they receive that leads them to become better Muslims counts as a sadaqa jariyah for you -- even after death. Because you helped bring them closer to Allah.