Help Sponsor Tarbiya & ilm Camps this Ramadan

These camps are for youth activists and workers in their community and focused on spiritual renewal, learning, and fellowship with opportunities to further develop spiritual discipline and leadership skills. It takes $25,000 to organize a TIC camp. Donate today and help provide a spiritual refuge for today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders. 

Tarbiya Campers


Since 2001, we’ve conducted +40 Tarbiya & ilm camps, training +6,000 youth workers and activists nationwide.

Zakat Eligible

All MAS Programs are Zakat & Sadaqah Jariyah Eligible.

MAS' programs are zakat-eligible and touch the lives of 21,000 Muslims monthly nationwide as they strive to attain a deeper connection to their Lord. Imagine -- every word of Quran or hadith, every bit of guidance they receive that leads them to become better Muslims counts as a sadaqa jariyah for you -- even after death. Because you helped bring them closer to Allah.