(Washington D.C. January 27th, 2023 )- The Muslim American Society condemns the brutal beating and murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers. On January 7th, police officers tased, pepper sprayed and brutally beat Tyre Nichols after a traffic stop, leading to his death a few days later. 

The officers involved were rightfully fired and indicted on charges of aggravated assault and second-degree murder, kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression. The officers’ disregard for life and their inhumane treatment of Tyre Nichols serves as a reminder of the systemic racism inherent in our criminal justice system. It serves as a reminder that police brutality is not limited to individuals, regardless of race, but part of a systemic culture that disregards Black lives.

We are grieved and outraged at this tremendously tragic loss of life. The gruesome and fatal beating Tyre Nichols faced is unconscionable. Our deepest condolences to Tyre Nichols’ family, friends and loved ones.

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