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by | Apr 1, 2024 | AM Newswire

Shaherazad Shelves is a New York City-based publishing house dedicated to supporting Muslim authors. They operate under three distinct imprints, each catering to different aspects of Muslim literature and culture.

We at the Muslim American Society (MAS) support any cause related to supporting and empowering the Muslim community.

Books by Sorra

Books by Sorra aims to publish a wide range of fiction that isn’t explicitly Islamic. The imprint welcomes authors whose work goes beyond trends or statements, providing a platform for diverse storytelling. While it doesn’t require authors to be Muslim or focus solely on Muslim themes, the books are curated to be “Muslim-friendly,” ensuring they resonate positively with Muslim readers of all ages.

Shush Books

Shush Books is Shaherazad Shelves’ flagship imprint, established in response to the commercialization and often sanitization of Muslim views and cultural traditions in literature. The imprint actively seeks submissions from Muslim authors for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry rooted in Islamic values and perspectives. It encourages a nuanced exploration of Islam’s diverse followers, offering a space where authors can authentically express their religious backgrounds and viewpoints without compromise.

Saladeen Books

Saladeen Books focuses on adult fantasy and science fiction, offering thought-provoking narratives that prominently feature Muslim characters and themes. The imprint aims to reclaim the Muslim narrative through compelling stories that showcase daily rituals, recitations of hadith, and other aspects of Islamic life. By presenting Muslims unapologetically in various roles—scholars, warriors, or artists—Saladeen Books seeks to inspire readers to embody the principles of faith and contribute positively to the world.

MAS Publishing Support and Impact 

MAS Publishing is dedicated to providing Islamic literature for the Modern Muslim, aiming to inspire a new generation of Muslim readers through authentic, rich Islamic methodology. Their books, including audio, e-books, and discussion aids, aim to deepen understanding and practice of Islam. MAS Publishing is carefully chosen to deliver keystones such as the connection between faith and action, the centrality of self-development, and a charted path for practising Islam in America. As reading becomes a lost art, MAS Publishing aims to inspire a new generation of Muslim readers through well-written, contextual Islamic books, audio, e-books, and discussion aids.  

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