reMAStered is a new series of conversations dedicated to spiritual growth and guidance. This new podcast from MAS focuses on topics that surround our community to help cultivate better understanding of the world around us as well as challenges that arise – all under a lens of faith.

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Episode 4: Five Falsehoods We Need to Unlearn

Guest: Sh. Shadee ElMasry | Host: Wafa Manasrah

Episode 3: How is Having Self-Mercy A Form of Worship?

Guest: Imam Ahmad Deeb | Host: Wafa Manasrah

Episode 2: Talking to Allah About My Forgiveness

Guest: Safi Khan | Host: Wafa Manasrah

Episode 1: Embracing the Best Time of Year While Not Feeling Your Best

Guest: Iman Saymeh | Host: Wafa Manasrah

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