Support MAS Youth Ministry

When you support MYM, You are supporting the next generation of Muslim Youth Workers.

MYM is the first comprehensive ministry project dedicated to training, consulting, and empowering Muslim American youth, community organizers, and institutions across the US through a library of program offerings, content packages, and professional development resources.


ACT Training

ACT Training

4 times a year, we hold TI camps To provide spiritual and organizational training for college students and young professionals engaged in Islamic work.

Content Development

We produce comprehensive packages that support and guide chapter tarbiya and youth directors in organizing and executing local events.



The goal of this program is to develop a solid platform of qualified Tarbiya mentors who are able to inspire new generations of Muslim activists.

MAS Youth


In 2021, we provided +750 consultation hours to youth workers, and provided ACT training to +100 youth mentors that serve +250 youth.

Zakat Eligible

All MAS Programs are Zakat & Sadaqah Jariyah Eligible.

MAS' programs are zakat-eligible and touch the lives of 21,000 Muslims monthly nationwide as they strive to attain a deeper connection to their Lord. Imagine -- every word of Quran or hadith, every bit of guidance they receive that leads them to become better Muslims counts as a sadaqa jariyah for you -- even after death. Because you helped bring them closer to Allah.