April 21st, 2021

(St Paul, MN, 4/21/2021) The Muslim American Society applauds today’s guilty verdict in the trial of police officer Derek Chauvin. The police murder of George Floyd was a devastating tragedy that sparked some of the largest racial justice marches and uprisings in our country.

“We recognize it as a step forward in ensuring police accountability in this country. This is a step forward in healing for all of us. This guilty verdict mattered for all of us. ” said Khalid Omar, Political Director of MAS-MN.

“While we welcome today’s verdict, we know that justice will truly not be served until we radically alter the policing system that allowed George Floyd to be murdered.” said Imam Asad Zaman, Executive Director of MAS-MN. “That Derek Chauvin was a field training officer whose actions and attitudes were disseminated to new officers is an indictment on the policing system.”

“This was one case where the outcome was on the side of justice.” said Ayman Hammous, Executive Director of MAS. “We know we have more work to do and more families, like the family of Daunte Wright, seeking justice. We must remain committed and steadfast against systemic racism and police brutality against Black lives.”

“The important outcome of this verdict is that it sends a message that police officers are not above the law and that they can and will be held accountable for the murder of Black and Brown lives.” said Ismahan Abdullahi, Director of MAS-PACE. “George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Philando Castille, Adam Toledo, Breonna Taylor, Attatiana Jefferson and countless others should be with us today. We cannot talk about peace without ensuring justice. ”

We must remain committed to ending police brutality and the harsh reality of systemic racism in this country. A measure of justice today is a sign that we are headed in the right direction. We reaffirm our demand that public officials move to end all police violence against Black people.

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