Get Involved with Our Specialty Projects

Whether you’re trying to nurture your own spiritual growth, inspire young Muslims around you, or gain the leadership skills to help your community thrive, we have the perfect introductory courses to help get you started.


More than just an online course, Project 100 is a transformative journey that seeks to align the heart, mind and body on the basis of Islamic principles and foundations. Geared towards young professionals, it combines strong content delivered by expert instructors, inquisitive journaling, and the creation of communities of shared interests to engage in impactful projects.


Agents of Change Training, is a conference for youth leaders, activists and volunteers to network, develop their skill-sets, work together with their peers and be inspired to become positive agents of change in their communities.

Rising Leaders

The Rising Leaders program equips up-and-coming MAS members who have been nominated by their chapters to receive training in foundational leadership and develop management skills to keep the future of MAS institutions strong.


The Mentorship Development Program aims to develop a solid platform of qualified Tarbiya mentors who are certified by experts to lead usras after the completion of a one-year course designed to refine the knowledge and skills they need for this role.  


Tarbiya and Ilm Camps are conducted for college-aged and young professionals who are determined to develop themselves spiritually and contribute to Islamic work. Participants emerge from the experience with a deeper understanding of the mission of Prophet Muhammad (s), a new love for worship, and a renewed commitment to mobilizing for the cause of Islam. These camps also serve as a perfect opportunity for young volunteers to develop project/event management skills.