Points of Reflection:

  • What is the difference between observing and witnessing?
    • In what ways do we recognize the inherent responsibility of being a witness when using this word (e.g., witnesses for court, witnesses for marriage contract, etc.)?
  • In what ways did this episode’s message change the way you think about bearing witness in your day-to-day life on a personal and local scale?
    • What about on a broader external and global scale?
  • Does the idea that everything is documented by Allah (swt) give you more comfort or fear, or both? In what ways? Why? 
  • Did learning about what Ibn al Qayyim said about the statement, “We belong to Allah and Him we shall return,” expand or deepen how you think about this verse? How so?

Quiz Questions:

  • Over how many meanings have scholars mentioned “shaahid wa mashood” has?
    • (over 20)
  • What does “shaahid wa mashood” translate to?
    • (Any witness and anything that is witnessed)
  • Complete the sentence: The ummah is the witness for _______?
    • (humanity)
  • Are criminals witnesses for their crimes on the Day of Judgement?
    • (yes)


Reserve 30 minutes in the day to reflect on how to live your life consciously aware of being witnessed and draft a personal vision and mission statement. This vision and mission statement can be revised throughout the month and placed strategically to serve as a daily reminder of how you plan to live intentionally as someone who bears witness and is being witnessed.

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