(Washington D.C. January 27th, 2023 )- The Muslim American Society unequivocally condemns the hateful and vile act of burning the Quran in Sweden and Denmark. On Saturday, January 21st,  Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party, burned the Holy Quran in front of Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. 

In Denmark, on January 27th, another far-right politician replicated this hateful act by burning the Holy Quran in front of a mosque in Copenhagen as well as the Turkish embassy.

These acts are not a mere expression of freedom of speech, but hateful acts meant to hurt, incite and invoke fear in Muslims. This burning of the Holy Quran is clearly an act of Islamophobia that must be condemned.

MAS is appalled and disappointed by the meek response of the Swedish government to this hateful incident directed towards Muslims. While the Swedish and Danish governments are not responsible for the actions of individuals, they bear responsibility for the pattern and culture of Islamophobia that is protected as free speech. A firm condemnation of these Islamophobic acts by the Swedish and Danish government is necessary. To protect hate speech as freedom of expression and democracy further alienates and dismisses Muslims in these countries and around the world.

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