About the Episode

When a calamity befalls a people, to whom do we point the finger? Allah reminds us that we are the ones to blame when things go awry. 

V/O: Sh. Abdullah Oduro

Sponsored by: Mercy Without Limits

The Objective of this Episode

  1. Blame and Hope describes why calamities and trials happen and how to navigate them.
  2. When disasters strike or communities find themselves amidst a severe hardship, Allah reminds us, “Whatever misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your own hands have done, yet He pardons much (42:30).”
  3.  A believer must hold themselves accountable for their misdeeds and evaluate themselves with a critical lens.
  4. Yet simultaneously, a believer must also cling to the hope of Allah’s Promise while turning inward and rectifying the Self.

Reflection Questions:

  1. When things in your life do not go as planned, are you quick to blame or quick to have hope?
  2.  Why must we balance self-criticism and harsh honesty with optimism and hope?
  3. What are some wisdoms we can extract when a disaster strikes?