Imagine closing our eyes to sleep and waking up to nothingness… 

Turning away from His Guidance causes us to go blind, living life in utter darkness. True tranquility and peace comes when we are mindful of Allah. 

V/O: Eman Haggag
Sponsored by: Mercy Without Limits

The Objective of this Episode

  1. The pattern of Blindness and Sight describes the laws of guidance and misguidance.
  2. Those who turn away from Allah’s reminders are promised a miserable life and will be blind on the Day of Judgment (20:124)
  3. However, Allah has promised that those who are mindful of Him will never fall into misery and will have the insight to find that His Help is always near. 
  4. Both paths lead to a predictable outcome – one that does not deviate from Allah’s Divine laws.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Reflect on what it would be like to wake up without sight on the Day of Judgment. How would you feel?
  2. What are some safeguards to put into place to ensure you remain connected to Allah even during trials?
  3. How can we avoid a life of misery?