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Replanting Stewardship
The world is on fire. Wildfires are raging down the U.S west coast, across forested areas, sending up large clouds of smoke that are sending a haze across the sky. Sound familiar? It is because this is a repeat of last year. Last summer saw the same intense heat burn in these exact same areas.…
Digital Apartheid
Erasing the voice of Palestinians; online censorship today, and what to do about it.  During the intensified aggression by Israeli forces at Shiekh Jarrah, Al Aqsa, and in the Gaza strip in recent months, censorship of Palestinian voices on social media was reported around the world. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram had begun blocking content showing…
Reclaiming Ramadan
Before the sun sets on this Ramadan, I am reclaiming the rest of this sacred month, I hope you will too. There are so many to-do lists and checklists, that we try to squeeze into this month, we sometimes lose the essence of Ramadan itself. What are we truly celebrating this month? I would argue…

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