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Young Professionals Lighthouse Conference

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Who should attend this conference?
  • Young professionals 
  •  Business people
  • Students
  • You
What is required of participants while in the program?
  • Attend the weekly program
    • No unexcused absence is allowed
    • Up to 10 % of the program activities in excused absences may be allowed
  • Fully engage in the discussions and group activities
  • Prepare required readings and homework
  • Follow instructions on the personal activity follow up
Where will the program be held?

The MDP is virtual and will be hosted online.

When will the program start and end?

The program will start January 2022 and conclude in December 2022. Here are the planned times off through the year:

  • Jan 1 – 15
  • Apr 15 – May 15
  • Jul 1 – 15
  • Nov 20 – 27
  • Dec 16 – Dec 31

This is to accommodate up to two more planned cancellations according to the needs of the participants as a group and three more unplanned cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.  

What is the cost?
There is no cost due for accepted applicants. There is a suggested donation of $250 per phase, if participants wish to support the program.

How To Apply

Interested members need to apply online and fill the online application form below.

Deadline to submit application is Sunday, Lorem 7th, 2021.

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